Westoceanic Services Private Limited was incorporated in 2012 and in a short span, have gained the confidence of Clients in India and Overseas and secured contracts, to provide them with our Crew Total Management Services.
We currently have over 1000 trained Personnel, in our work-force worldwide. This is because our Senior Management and staff, have decades of previous experience in Managing Oilfield and Marine Personnel, for Indian and International Clients, and over the years have built up a reputation for commitment, dedication and honesty, when dealing with Clients, Principals and our contract personnel.
We have a large databank of young, qualified, and experienced Crew, built up over the years, who are ready to work for us, at short notice. All our Crew have excellent communication skills and are proficient in written and spoken English, which are pre-requisites, in our selection process.Our end-to-end Crew Management Support is holistic, which give our Clients the freedom to devote their attention to their core business. We emphasize on our commitment, to our Policy on “Occupational Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Protection”.
Code of Ethics:
The Management and staff of WSPL maintains a high standard of Ethics and ethical policies when dealing with our clients, our principals, government agencies, vendors and most importantly the personnel we employ within our Management contracts.
We will:
Conduct all our operations with the best ethical conduct and practices.
Have the best business practices consisting of Honesty, Integrity, Trust, Openness and ethical conduct.
Strictly comply with all Government, Laws, Rules and regulations.
Never accept any gifts either in cash or kind or any pecuniary advantages or fees for any work done by us, in the course of performing
      our business operations and duties.
Maintain strict confidence of all information entrusted and known to us, whether it pertains to an internal office matter or a vendor,
      client or Principals’ matter.
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