Personnel Manning Services. 
Our Shortlisting, selection and deployment procedures are extensive and complete,
so that we select the candidate to fit the position and job description required by the Operators
These will include:
Telephonic, Skype and Personal Interviews
Academic, Technical, Training, Safety and Experience Certification check
Passport, Seamans Books and other travel related documents check
Reference and background checks
Medical and psychological tests
Opening Bank Accounts, e-Banking of monthly wages
Indian Income Tax and TDS if applicable
Issuance of monthly pay-slips and Income Tax certificates as applicable
Medical Support and Insurance coverages:
Our pre-joining medical examinations are as per the ISM/STCW code 1/9, ILO MLC 147 and the Oil & Gas UK standards. Additional medical tests are done to meet the Clients specific requirement and the area of operation. We have a Medical Insurance scheme and our Group Insurance coverage is 24 x 7 worldwide. The compensation benefits exceed the maximum requirements of the Indian Workman’s Compensation act, We manage the Insurance policies and process all claims covered.
Logistic Support and Security Clearances:
Our support services are holistic and takes care of every aspect of mobilization and demobilization, from documents and Certificates required for employment, to Travel, Visas & security clearances.
Payroll Management:
We undertake the Total Payroll management of the Crew including, opening of Bank Accounts, processing and speedy disbursement of salaries, calculate and apply the TDS if applicable and the complete maintenance of payroll data
Training :
We train our Crew as per the Client’s specific requirements, to meet their Operational, Safety and Training needs. Our Crew will be adequately qualified and trained to meet the certification requirements, of the country and location of operations, Flag state of the Drilling Unit, as laid down by the STCW 78 (as amended), for MODU and Vessels. They will be certified to meet all the IWCF and IADC Accreditation programmes, required for their respective levels of operation.
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