Our complete team, is a group of young professionals, selectively employed by Westoceanic, with several years of experience behind them, in the Marine and Oil & Gas Sector; more specifically, in the Manning and Management of Crew.
They are qualified and trained in the field of Human Resources & Psychology, to better understand and interact with the Crew we employ, who are our asset. From our Operations and Accounts Managers, to the Coordinators and other support staff, we have built a team of honest, dedicated and trained personnel.
A Master Mariner by profession, Capt. Pereira served in the Merchant Navy, including 15 years in command of Ocean-going ships, of various types and sizes. He served another 25 years with J.M. Baxi & Company and Arya Offshore Services, in Mumbai, as Vice President, heading their Fleet Personnel, Shipping and Offshore divisions. With his experience and knowledge in Fleet Manning and Management, he served on the board of several Shipping and Offshore Committees of the Industry, coordinating with Government departments and Unions, on Training, Certification and Welfare of Indian Personnel, in the Shipping and Oil & Gas Industries. He was Chairman of the Maritime Association of Shipowners, Ship Managers and Agents for over four years. Capt. Pereira was instrumental in the formation and development of “Westoceanic” and now oversees all their Operations.
A graduate Engineer from Mumbai University, he also holds an Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety. He has over 21 years of experience in the Drilling and production sector, of the Oil and Gas Industry. Roy started his career as a Trainer and Lecturer, in a reputed Industrial Institute and Technical College. He then served with an Offshore Drilling Rig Services Company “Vicksburg Marine Inc. Dubai, as their Technical Manager in India. He later served with a leading Oil & Gas Service provider “Arya Offshore Services, managing large Offshore and Onshore turnkey projects. A major part of these included Management of Crew in the operation of these projects. He played a leading role in the formation of “Westoceanic” With his many years in Training and Managing of Crew and a friendly but firm demeanour, he has built a vast network of Crew of all categories, working worldwide, with whom he has an excellent rapport. Roy now manages the complete Operations of the Company.
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