Our Vision:
To be a Company with a Reputation for Reliability and Resourcefulness.

Our Mission:
PERFECTION: We’ll do what it takes to get us there.

Our Services
• Selection and deployment of     personnel -  National and
• Logistic Support and Security
• Medical Support and Insurance
• Payroll Management.
• Training.
Personnel Manning Services
Selection and deployment - National and International:
We will shortlist, Interview and select candidates, as per the specific requirement of the client.

Medical Support and Insurance coverages:
Our pre-joining medical examination is as per the ILO standard and more.
Our Group Personal Accident Insurance coverage is 24 x 7 worldwide and the compensation is above the requirements of the Indian Workman’s Compensation act.

Logistic Support and Security Clearances:
Our support services are holistic and takes care of every aspect of mobilization and demobilization.

Payroll Management:
We undertake the Total Payroll management of the Crew including, processing, taxation, speedy disbursement of salaries and, complete maintenance of payroll data.

Our Crew will be adequately qualified and trained to meet the STCW, IADC, Local and International standards of Training and Certification.
We will also train our Crew to meet the Client’s specific Training requirements.

Westoceanic focuses on developing and empowering human talent, within the drilling and marine sectors, as a strategic asset.  Our Company provides comprehensive management of all pre-requisites that go hand in hand with human resource and caters to their overall development and welfare. Our commitment to perfection, principled approach and practical decision making, enables us to nurture long lasting relationships and achieve excellence within the industry.